better left as it is

Wednesday, March 19, 2003 – you might get angry at a person, and hold grudges against them. but it is never worth the time you spent on hating and despising somebody. it’s much better to spend time at something that can benefit you, even better, benefit everyone. so just let the anger go.

sometimes, some things are just better left as it is

you are infatuated with someone so much that you think they are the one for us and we couldn’t live without them. there is no way it could be if only one channel is functioning. it takes time, but is it worthed? there are more things to life than that. so just let them go. and enjoy life. each of us will know when the time comes.

you are always paranoid that you are the best/worst there is. there is never truth in that. wherever high you are, there would be a handful of better people than you are and how worse you feel about yourself, you know the rest. just let the vanity go and be yourself in which, i could bet, nobody can take that away from you.

if only i had learn the art of letting go ages before, i would have been a happy man. but, what is done is done. the milk has been spilt and the fat lady is already out of voice.
i’m looking around as to what i have around me now and try (hopefully hard) making the best out of them.

enough crapping for now.
a few loud thunders were heard but the so yellow sun is still shining bright in this quite hot day. and i’ll be off to play football (at last) after a few months of bumming without some real sweat kicked out of me.

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