welcome. *insert name*

my first ever post in 2012.

where should i start.

they always say “setiap kejadian itu ada hikmahnya”. it seems that these past few weeks, i can’t shake it off my head. there is always a possibility of nothing becoming something, or maybe something becoming nothing.

maybe all of us will act funny in between emotions, be it negative or positive. who am i to babble.

i know i lost a few friends, oh well, life goes on, maybe it’s just better for them not to have myself around them, or maybe the other way around. i’ll always what i need around me and that’s what is most important.

right as of now, i wished it was true, i hope it’s really true, but lesson learnt, to much anticipation will cause a massive¬†disappointment. but i’m just a fool not too hope. if it is, then i would be the happiest man alive. one of. rephrased. haha. im babbling in the middle of the night, like i did many moons ago.

which reminds me, i should polish my english more. since i work in an english speaking office.

pardon me chaps, while i get prepared to go to sleep.

i see you when i see you.

zackwelcome. *insert name*

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