To feel solitude in experiencing exclusion from a party can be a blessing in disguise.
Most of us scream for acknowledgement; in a our verbal exchanges, maybe actions in the peer circle or a one to one confrontation.

I’ve experience these awful events maybe one time too many as what I’m experiencing today.

But I’ll remind myself that some time it pays to be the shadow.
People are just people, masses crave the attention, to belong to a part of something, to be seen by eyes that also longs for the same treatment.
I never put myself on a level higher because I don’t want it, sometimes i just do not know why.
Maybe I was engineered biologically make myself so used to be in the shadows.
God bless my parents, god bless them till the end of time.

As another day goes, I’m still lost (as always) as to where my bearings might take me.
Good night, dear world.


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