rhymes rhymes rhymes, makes me kill time.

“gimme time please, dear mr. doug” said charley to the train usher. he need the ride back to hampshire to attend his idolized big brother whom married an army general daughter. the old stick walker doug couldn’t do anything else.
he pities the boy because he knows charlie’s parent were not the model parents.
so he told charlie the next stop is his last.


charlie knew from the old man’s look and nodded.
before going down the train at newton, he wave at mr. doug and smiled.
he knew his journey is gonna be long before he could meet his brother.
but then a man shouted his name.
“charlie charlie!”

charlie looked back and noticed that the man calling out his name was a dear friend from school.
david looked like he was floating to see his old buddy charlie.
little did he know, david installed a surprise for old thomason buddy.
in his hands, he held a rope.
this was no ordinary rope.
it was a rope of hope.

and so david said, “take this rope ol’ charlie chap, and it will help you go to your brother’s wedding.”
without any hesitation charlie took the rope.
once he held the rope.
he was never to be found.
suddenly he was talk of the town, it seems his vanishing act attrated other to tap into the grapevine of the town.

i’m so tired.
what’s the time now?

how could you kiss five dimensions of imagination?
what are the five imaginations in the first place.
where would i know?

zackrhymes rhymes rhymes, makes me kill time.

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