Happy Birthday, Boy!

Yes, this year it’s official. One in November, and one officially in December.

Awkward, yes, but as always, life goes on.

zackHappy Birthday, Boy!

life isn’t that interesting…

life isn’t that interesting living against the flow of a one way street.
it isn’t.

as the weaknesses of humans outshine the dawn a few weeks back,
we ceased to wonder whether the word hope even exists.

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zacklife isn’t that interesting…

almost a year ago.

in this beautiful world,

i wonder, where is the thing everyone is searching for.
we are confused. we are scared.
retalliation indirectly sucks, a full frontal assault is what we think that we have always wanted.

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zackalmost a year ago.

kata takdir, qada’ dan qadar.

masa aku balik drive tadi, banyak benda aku terpikir.
kita hidup ni kan, benda2 yang berlaku ke atas kita ni,
semua macam berantai.
from one action comes another.
kata takdir, qada’ dan qadar.
kadang2 kita manusia ni sebenarnya paranoia kita lebih.

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zackkata takdir, qada’ dan qadar.

my instantaneous thoughts

everytime i come back from having drinks at ss 3. i’ll lock the gate and front door and go upstairs. enter my room and switch on the pc and here i am. waiting eagerly on what indonesian song that might pop up in a short while in my shuffled playlist.

not long after that, i’ll start to think what had happened today and type it all here.

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zackmy instantaneous thoughts

a fraction of hell

indeed, nothing can beat watching a good movie with great company. yeah, nothing. 🙂

x2 was very enjoyable. even though my base for that movie was watching a few of their cartoon series after school in form 2.
rebecca romijn-stamos is the bomb. nightcrawler’s cool. wolverine, flawless.

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zacka fraction of hell