Do not play with fire.
It’s really dangerous.



by the seaside.


back from uk.
broke beyond comprehension.

worthed? all worthed.

zackby the seaside.

Protected: inconsiderate.

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zackProtected: inconsiderate.

of cookies and biscuits.

i should be on a cigarette break right now.

you think.

i know so.

zackof cookies and biscuits.

remind yourself of May, remind myself of May.

A lot of things has happened prior to uploading this picture.
It was nice seeing ijal and family coming down to KL.  My “bitch” will always be my only “bitch”.

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zackremind yourself of May, remind myself of May.

Architecture of the dream.

today was a nice day.
the picture above also was a nice day.

it’s always a nice day when there aren’t any negative thoughts inside the mind.
you’d claim you’re the king of the world.

lovely, just lovely.

zackArchitecture of the dream.


i wish i could be on an aeroplane

oh dear,

2011 has descended inside my speech bubble.

have you ever seen that much rain in january. pointless, senseless reality comes under the shade.

where’s my alibi when i need one.

falling sick could’ve never been such a welcomed verb this time of the year as i need my time building those tanks that i’ve been masterminding for quite sometime.

sad sad boy, wake up and smell your life.

listen to eots doesn’t help at all. type away fatso.


Woo Who?

If i told you things i did before
told you how i used to be
would you go along with someone like me

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zackWoo Who?

the kuaci attack

once you crack, you can’t stop!

zackthe kuaci attack

no one likes a bad guy.

this is my try again,
what am i writing next?

i won’t know, and you won’t know too.

zackno one likes a bad guy.

where’s the fish?

how i met your mother and grey’s anatomy.

weekend’s gonna end soon.

zackwhere’s the fish?