Dodol strikes back

Is your heart soft like dodol.

Nyum nyum.

zackDodol strikes back

Hot raya Sunday..

Got got got got to stop….


zackHot raya Sunday..

Wait a minute!

we wait and we wait.

till when do we wait.
there goes another wait,
wait till you get it.
get the wait.
zackWait a minute!


Selamat berpuasa!


Nyum nyum!

Darkness is falling and I’m still waiting for my rice.

zackNyum nyum!

Of tandooris and wrestling

The title says it all.

Yesterday marked a day that I wished did not happen at all. Lost it. Lost it really bad.

Gave in some thought, I lost my way to channel my stress. Need to relive my yesteryears. Well, the better parts of it.

On a better note, ran in to mr. and mrs. Amil at the curve yesterday also. It was brief, but nice. Wonder when we’ll cross paths again, I do wonder.

zackOf tandooris and wrestling

Aliens are coming

Can we have your peace with a side order of fries and coleslaw.

No salt on the fries, please?

zackAliens are coming

The lonely roti kaya


While waiting for Effa to come, we spoke on the matters of wanting something in our lives.

How far would we go to achieve something in life, would you ever sell your soul just to get worldly satisfaction.

zackThe lonely roti kaya


Can’t get….. up.



Nasi putih + ayam goreng

Southbound for work.

A hot day. Even for a bottle of mineral water and a pack of nuts.

Some mild interference in communication but trying to go as it is.

zackNasi putih + ayam goreng