Kailan goreng biasa

I think it’s time I shall write a little bit more than usual.

*yet again*

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zackKailan goreng biasa

Hello new year!

Hello 2014. Hope you’ll be kind and generous to me and the ones I love.

zackHello new year!

Hazy day, for hazy mind.

Sometimes, some things are just better left unsaid and kept only to yourself.

It’ll be a sure giveaway of your persona, and when you become too predictable.
People will just stop caring. Then you’d be wondering.

Humility and moderation is my own lesson of the day, well almost everyday.
Good night cruel world, I’m loving you more and more, I kid you not.

zackHazy day, for hazy mind.

They’ve got to be wrong.

This sudden feeling of hollowness is bad.

Feels like letting everything go,

Every single thing and just disappear like that light blip when you turn off your tv.
Just like that.

zackThey’ve got to be wrong.