It’s a beautiful day today.

As I try to remember yesterday’s overwhelming thoughts during my late night drive to Shah alam.

Right now, the flashbacks of what could and couldn’t have been linger on my thoughts, with Billy singing in my head it doesn’t help.

It makes you ponder on a previous action that you made, like crossing the road 5 minutes later, choosing either vanilla of chocolate and the list continues.

I in the other hand have been envisioning myself in an alternate reality of my liking, that will never ever happen. But with the current events happening everywhere, it seems you can never say never nowadays.

I’ve always wanted to know what might happen if I fall from the time we went wall climbing or if I stumbled upon your writings in Indonesia. Yes I am rewinding that far.

Life was never simple before and it is never now. And I am complicated inside.

Till next time.


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