life isn’t that interesting…

life isn’t that interesting living against the flow of a one way street.
it isn’t.

as the weaknesses of humans outshine the dawn a few weeks back,
we ceased to wonder whether the word hope even exists.

ahhh the sheer stupidity of men prevails,
as mine outshines my ego this time.
probably the little cute animals are the screaming the light of truth to come and destroy everything in a single step.

as wish you here plays in my ears,
the oversized soul comes to a pause,
whereas it’s definitely time to turn the boat around.

where do i stand, where do i fucking stand.
probably something i won’t really know,
till god knows when.

goodbye evening of today.
please don’t forget me as always.
as i fell in love with a stranger,
over and over again.
how much it is saddening to witness,
i’ll close my eyes, and hope it’ll pass like the morning gentle breeze,
that i imagine almost every other day.
that would be nice.
seriously it would.

zacklife isn’t that interesting…

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