Kailan goreng biasa

I think it’s time I shall write a little bit more than usual.

*yet again*

It has been more or less 4 years at my current place and I’m starting to feel like Captain Barbosa. Or maybe Bootstrap Bill Turner.

I’ve seen how friends grew apart and closer. Ties strengthened and collapsed. The ever changing perception of people still amazes me.

I feel I’m different but the same. I feel the same but different. Life itself may present the monotonicity and yet, diversity strikes me when I least expect it.

There’s always the question of how life will be, might be and is but then I’m no crystal ball. Its been the FAQ of the most people I know, myself included. And yet in this post, I’m going nowhere.

And where was I when all of this happened?
Right here. Still.

zackKailan goreng biasa

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