a fraction of hell

indeed, nothing can beat watching a good movie with great company. yeah, nothing. 🙂

x2 was very enjoyable. even though my base for that movie was watching a few of their cartoon series after school in form 2.
rebecca romijn-stamos is the bomb. nightcrawler’s cool. wolverine, flawless.

surprisingly there were extra characters from the comic. i like.
why can’t they find a suitable actor for gambit and include it in the film. “mon ami” as he would say in his french slang.
not forgetting cable, juggernaught, apocalyse bla bla bla.
i don’t wanna burst the bubble for anyone who hasn’t watched it. so i’ll shut up now.

it still surprises me that the traffic jam is still on at sunway by the time the movie ended.
when is it gonna end. it’s already 11.30pm for crying out loud. but then again it’s sunway. oh wait, it’s LDP. the highway that’s bulit solely to put more burden to the traffic users. and then it’s a public holiday tomorrow. i mean today.

LDP = a fraction of hell!

don’t get me started on federal highway.
but of course i have to be thankful there are these roads that connect me to my friends all over pj, subang, klang, shah alam, sunway and kl.
but i just had to make it a fuss about it. because i could type no other story.

forgive me, for a moment there…. i will die if i say this.
*slaps myself*
oh shut up and sleep zack.

zacka fraction of hell

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