Flock of birds.

friends i have, friends i’ve had and friends i will make.

sometimes i miss some fragments of my past. the adventures that i can remember and i can’t. the laughter and the sadness. all of this makes me who i am today. it’s always a love/hate feeling. thinking of the things that could have been, that might have been. *sigh*
there are some things that you can move on, and some not. and i am always reminded of this almost all of the time through the people around me.

it’s so easy for people to say move on, and it’s so easy to talk just about anything.

on a not so lighter note, in the wake of recent events, may be it’s time i prioritize what i  should do and what i shouldn’t.

the so called world is falling apart. bits and pieces. and while i try to snug myself on this worn chair, inside this very gloomy room, i still just can’t sink what had happened a few days back.

i’ll try to help with what i could only offer, seen or not. inside myself, i know what i’ve done. that’s always more than enough for me.

zackFlock of birds.

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