“battlescars on my guitar…”

27/5/2003 – i am so lazy to do almost anything.

therefore i am sorry.

my death date(s) is coming soon. four lovely but yet deadly entities.

i love sugar canes. raw sugarcanes, where you shred off the outer skin and have a jolly golly bite on the inside. sugar cane sugar cane. cane of sugar. sugar puffy popsicle on a bicycle, trying to mend the broken pieces of mom’s vase in the living hall which caters no outside food allowed and grounded for a week with leave on sunday and monday blues is chelsea london bridge is falling down the beach filled with sand and seashells on the seashore passed the van Basten scores a goal mouth bound shot through the legs of mighty joe young the big assed gorilla which is a primate that has warm blood that leads me back to those blood sucking mosquitoes flying happily in my room.

what am i saying.

i’m just not ready for these things.

i wish i could run and hide and tell myself it’s just gonna be alright.

but my first final is on sunday.

and as usual i need a miracle.


*PAP* too many mosquitoes in my room sucking on my O+ blood

zack“battlescars on my guitar…”

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