almost a year ago.

in this beautiful world,

i wonder, where is the thing everyone is searching for.
we are confused. we are scared.
retalliation indirectly sucks, a full frontal assault is what we think that we have always wanted.

desperately rebounding hearts colide while no one searches for a reason why.
no one would ever know the sweetness of a mangosteen without putting a bit on you tongue to taste it.
there is never assurence of a definite feel whenever there is no physical application.
because you are always in limbo of thinking knowing something where else you know nothing actually, vice versa.

as these few days passed, i’ve not been eating properly, since i’ll be sleeping around 7pm, thanks to that darn online game.
i’m not much of a computer game fan, but i have to make an exception for this. (console is still the shiznit).

i was confused these few months by my own wrong doing.
and what i can be proud of is that i never blamed anyone, i was just confused, that is all.
how the skies smile upon you when you gaze up and say, i’m breaking away.
i’m not a man of words, since i’ll always be getting wrong words in the wrong sentence, but that’s doesn’t stop me from…



oh well, time and tide waits for no man.
and off i shall perish into that dark corner reminding myself not to play fire when i have not enough water to contain it.


zackalmost a year ago.

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