“battlescars on my guitar…”

27/5/2003 – i am so lazy to do almost anything.

therefore i am sorry.

my death date(s) is coming soon. four lovely but yet deadly entities.

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zack“battlescars on my guitar…”

Too late

As i try to start 2018 with a positive mindset, there’s always this void that i’d feel occasionally. It’s like that annoying little piece of beef stuck in between your teeth.

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zackToo late

Tuna sandwich

Always loved the smell of baked pastry.

zackTuna sandwich


Where will I be?



It’s a beautiful day today.

As I try to remember yesterday’s overwhelming thoughts during my late night drive to Shah alam.

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Oh I can

Why can’t I update?

zackOh I can

Wake up.

It’s always hard to wake up these days.

It’s either all the weight i’ve been gaining or i’ve become complacent?
like wtf?

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zackWake up.

dream on

I saw a wallet yesterday. in the mall toilet. wanted to pass it to the cleaner, but no one was around.

so i left it there, and hope that guy that left it there remembers that he had left it there. fast, or soon?

felt guilty but it’s okay. i could just only hope.

at a crossroad for the moment, hope it won’t take me that long to decide where to turn. and now im left all alone at noon. great.

goodbye for now.

zackdream on